What is External Wall Insulation?

External wall insulation involves fixing an insulation material to the wall, then covering it with reinforcement and a special render. The finish is usually a textured render, pebble-dash or sometimes a brick slip or a brick effect render.

Do I need planning permission to do external wall insulation?
If you are changing the appearance of your property from brick to render then you will require planning. We would ask you to make initial enquiries to your local planning department but if required we will apply for planning permission on your behalf.

As members of the BBA competent person’s scheme we are able to self-certify our work. The BBA informs your local authority building control that the installation has taken place and that it complies with the current building regulations. Please click here for more information.

Are there any grants for this type of work?
Yes there are. We will explain all grants available and how they will contribute to your install costs. Please click here for current Government contributions or read our newsletter for more information.


What are the benefits?

Lowers Fuel Bills
Nearly half of the heat lost from some solid wall houses can be through the walls. Preventing this heat being lost so quickly by installing insulation will save you money on fuel bills.

Prolongs Building Life
External Wall Insulation systems protect the building façade from the effects of the weather.

Improves Building Appearance
External Wall Insulation systems incorporate an extensive range of decorative finishes and colours.

Eliminates Condensation
External Wall Insulation helps eliminate interstitial and internal condensation and assists with overcoming associated problems such as damp internal walls and mold growth.

Minimises Disruption
By definition, External Wall Insulation systems are installed on the exterior of a building/property, therefore occupants do not have to leave their business premises or the comfort of their homes during the application of the system. In addition, internal space is not infringed upon.

How long will it take to install?

An average 80m2 property will take about 7-10 working days to install. Like most building work it is weather dependent and may create some delays. 

Will there be any disruption?

Disruption is minimal but scaffold will usually be necessary and there will be some noise from drilling and mixing machines.

What happens to items already fixed to the exterior walls?

  • Before we arrive on-site we will arrange for all relevant utility cables (B.T and electric) are re-positioned or made safe by competent people.
  • Plants and shrubs will be removed from the surface of the walls.
  • Gates and posts connected to the wall will be removed whilst waiting for re-positioning once work is complete.
  • Satellite dishes will be removed and temporarily fixed to the scaffolding if applicable.
  • Flues and gas pipe will be extended to accommodate the insulation.
  • Soil and downpipe will be altered to accommodate the insulation.

How will the insulation be installed?

The insulation is fitted in key stages as listed below

  1. Removal and re-direction of external fittings
  2. Insulation slabs applied with mechanical fixings
  3. Base coat render applied as per manufactures instruction.
  4. Render system applied as per manufacturer’s instruction.
  5. External fittings re-positioned

Is the work quality checked?

We pride ourselves on quality installations so all of our jobs are checked at the key stages and on completion. We want you to be satisfied with the work too.

Is the work guaranteed?

All of our work is covered by a 25 year guarantee provided by an industry approved provider. Click here for details.

What if I have other questions?

We are here to help. If you have any other questions please contact us and we will answer any of your queries. We can put you in touch with one of our previous customers if you would like to talk to them about their experience with EWIS.

What do I do next?

Book a no obligation survey and quote and look forward to a warmer home.